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President of the Republic of Turkey, ERDOĞAN: Establishing justice has always been our number one priority

President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan underlined that justice is the supporting pillar of states, societies and human relations, too and noted "The states and nations either rise in the light of justice or be drown in the plea of injustice. The curse of the sufferer sounds like thunder. Therefore, establishing justice has always been our number one priority."

President Erdoğan attended the "Judges and Public Prosecutors Drawing Lots Ceremony" held at Beştepe Nation Culture and Congress Center. President Erdoğan expressed his best wishes to one thousand 236 judges and prosecutors who will draw lots today, and continued as follows:


"FETÖ which showed its real face through the treacherous coup attempt on 15 July, targeted mostly our justice organization, compared to others. Because everything started and ended in the justice organization. Following the coup attempt, it was the justice organization that liquidated the FETÖ members the fastest and in the most determined way. Since the beginning, I have been following with gratitude the steps taken in our justice organization in order to fill the gap which the liquidation caused. Is it over yet? No I don't think it is over. We will work harder, because this virus is like a cancer. No wonder what we will find in the future, we are on close watch and we will find them. It spread like a metastasis, this must be eradicated. For, this organization needs to be very strong, durable, clean and pure."

Noting that they know that the judges and prosecutors who were once lawyers are much more successful due their education, experience and practical knowledge, Erdoğan said that in many countries, it is paid special attention to that people who will be appointed as judges and prosecutors are expected to have significant prior experience.

Erdoğan stated that it is clear that the attitudes of those who become judges or prosecutors after completing their school education and those who have had 3-5 years of experience in the real world would not be the same. Erdoğan noted that they believed they should continue to the implementation of entrance examinations to become judges and prosecutors from attorneyship, so they took that step.  

President Erdoğan said, "We have already compensated the loss in number of judges and prosecutor by the appointments made. Nevertheless, there had been already much more to be done in this regard. We have to continue to the studies under the Justice Academy until we reach at the ideal number of judges and prosecutors."

Noting that their sensitivity for carrying out the judicial services in Turkey in accordance with the right, law and statutes is not peculiar to today only, Erdoğan stated that they promised to raise Turkey over education, health, justice and security when they came to power in November 2002.





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