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Minister GÜL: Certificate of inheritance from 1926 to now will be obtained via "e-state"

Minister of Justice Abdülhamit Gül noted "Certificates of inheritance from 1990 to today have recently become accessible. Related departments of our Ministry work intensively to provide a service where citizens can access all certificates of inheritance and wills from 1926 to today through e-state."

In Konya, Abdülhamit Gül responded to questions of the journalists about current events. Having informed the public on the ongoing efforts of the Ministry of Justice to provide certificates of inheritance via e-state, he said: "Provision of certificates of inheritance through e-state is a very important service. The documents from 1990 until now have recently become accessible. Related departments of our Ministry have been working intensively to provide a service where citizens can access all certificates of inheritance and wills from 1926 to today through e-state." Therefore, the work overload in the courts will be reduced and citizens will have access to this service without applying to the court."


Gül also referred to the judicial matters subject to criticism. Emphasizing that Turkey is a state governed by the rule of law, Gül recalled that court decisions should be respected by everyone. Gül underlined the binding nature of court decisions which extends to everyone and continued:

"You may not approve the decisions of the prosecution office, first instance courts or higher courts, you may criticize them but you should accept their binding force. Prosecution office can object the decisions, the person affected by crime may apply for legal remedies, address the conflict to cassation and appeal. However, even if a false decision is taken, varieties of legal remedies available in our legal system are supposed to deal with it. Turkish judicial system functions properly when it comes to such cases. We ought to respect the court decisions."


When asked about the Operation Olive Branch, he responded "Our soldiers almost reached Afrin. We will continue to combat the terrorist elements threatening Turkey. This struggle is a continuing fight against terrorism. Turkey exercises its right of self-defense arising from international law. It is an operation that protects the people living there without harming the civilians. This operation is carried out within the frame of law and press ahead. Afrin is seen."


Emphasizing that those who tried to tarnish the members of judiciary and damage the judiciary are in a wrong attitude, Minister Gül said "Judiciary is the judiciary of everyone and decides on behalf of the Turkish nation. Tarnishing of judiciary harms everyone. The judiciary is trying to do its job in the most correct way."

Concerning the journalists' question on the claims of CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu alleging that judges are instructed to consult to CJP for release issues, Gül stated that "Such a thing can never be in question, no one can give instructions to the judiciary, no one can inculcate. The mentioned issue is related with the evaluation of views of the prosecutors on the investigations after 15 July coup attempt and the evaluation of some recommendations and opinions in this regard."

Stating that CJP also conducts administrative investigation while conducting investigations on judges and prosecutors, Gül continued as follows:

"If a judge or a prosecutor is a member of FETÖ, or in connection or affiliation with another organization, the competent authority to conduct investigation on this issue is the CJP. If a person is in connection or affiliation with FETÖ, CJP has evidence, testimonies and minutes on this issue. These minutes can be very important evidence for prosecutors and courts in prosecutions. 'To benefit from those documents' in the investigations on judges and prosecutors is something related with compiling the suggestions and opinions. This is an assessment towards the investigating authority. Of course the prosecutor would demand it, but it is the court that will decide. There is no such different attitude towards noting of an assessment in which the views are included in this regard." 




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