Perıod of the Project:
Expert Portal was started up on 01/03/2011 and was put into effect on 23/08/2011.

Budget of the Project:
100.000 €

Number of People Workıng for the Project:
Computer Engineer   :1
Expert     :1
Help Desk   :3
Lınk of the Project:

Short Summary of the Project:

Expert Portal is an informatics system through which experts receive and examine their files on internet environment without going to courthouse, prepare their reports and deliver them, are informed by SMS, realised their fee processes and do expert application processes.

General Description of the Project:
Where special or technical knowledge is needed for solution during proceedings, expert report is acquired by applying to experts on their fields. As expert report effects the outcome of proceedings directly and as expert report is taken for most of the processes subject to conflicts today, it holds importance.

Today informatics show itself by UYAP in proceeding activities. However, in the institution of expertise, informatics did not show itself. Therefore, it became indispensible to benefit from informatics in expert processes that are used in proceeding activities but are left out of informatics.

Prior to expert portal, experts used to go to courthouse in person and received the file and its annexes, after examining them, they used to prepare their reports and presented their reports to the judicial authority in paper and these reports used to scan and transferred to UYAP system.

Expert portal is a project through which expert examine the files without going to courthouse, prepare and deliver their reports on internet, collect their fees after having them calculated over this portal, do expert application processes, can receive briefing on files by SMS, produce their reports over the system on paperless environment, and which will accelerate proceedings.

The Expert Portal can be accessed by only natural persons with electronic signature. With this project, there will be no need to send letter rogatory from a judicial locality lacking expert to another judicial locality for appointment of expert. It will provide the opportunity to complete content search on expert reports based on word, subject, expertise field, unit, file number and expert. Statistical information regarding experts will be reached faster and more accurate result will be obtained. Number of people visiting courthouses will decrease, and saving will be made on paper, toner and energy sources.

It is considered that about 130.000 persons will benefit from this project.