Kenan İPEK - Undersecretary


Kenan İpek was born in 1959 in Rize.

He comleted primary school, secondary school and high school education respectively Rize Pazarköy Pirmary School, İstanbul Oruçgazi Secondary School and Pertevniyal High School and also He graduated from İstanbul University Faculty of Law in 1982.

In 1983, he started his career as a candidate Judge in İstanbul. He held respectively the positions of Public Prosecutors of Antalya, Mardin/Savur, Antalya/Elmalı, President of Department of Workshops Institution Ministry of Justice, General Director of Prisons and Detention House of Ministry of Justice and Professional Consultancy of Ministry of Justice.

He carried out the task of Undersecretary from 1 january 2014 to 6 march 2015.

He carried out the task of Ministry of Justice in 62th and 63th government.

He held the office of Undersecretary since 25 November 2016.;

He is married and the father of two children.


Units Under His Responsibility

  • Membership of High Council of Judges and Prosecutors
  • Chairmanship of Executive Board of Strengthening the Judicial Organization
  • Chairmanship of Supreme Board of Prison Workshops
  • Chairmanship of Supreme Discipline Board
  • Chairmanship of Board of Training
  • Board of Protection of Minors from Sexually Explicit Materials
  • Board of Practice Follow-Up and Coordination
  • Supreme Board of Human Rights
  • Coordination Board for Combating Groundless Claims of Genocide
  • Supreme Administration Board
  • Coordination Council for the Improvement of Investment Environment
  • Supreme Board of Combating Terrorism
  • Board of Crisis Management of the Prime Ministry
  • Executive Board of Re-Structuring
  • Chairmanship of Advisory Board for Probation and Assistance Services
  • Chairmanship of Coordination Board of UYAP



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