Kenan İPEK - Undersecretary


Units Under His Responsibility

  • Membership of High Council of Judges and Prosecutors
  • Chairmanship of Executive Board of Strengthening the Judicial Organization
  • Chairmanship of Supreme Board of Prison Workshops
  • Chairmanship of Supreme Discipline Board
  • Chairmanship of Board of Training
  • Board of Protection of Minors from Sexually Explicit Materials
  • Board of Practice Follow-Up and Coordination
  • Supreme Board of Human Rights
  • Coordination Board for Combating Groundless Claims of Genocide
  • Supreme Administration Board
  • Coordination Council for the Improvement of Investment Environment
  • Supreme Board of Combating Terrorism
  • Board of Crisis Management of the Prime Ministry
  • Executive Board of Re-Structuring
  • Chairmanship of Advisory Board for Probation and Assistance Services
  • Chairmanship of Coordination Board of UYAP



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