Abdulhamit GÜL - Minister of Justice


Gül was born in the district of Nizip of Gaziantep province on 12 March 1977. His father's name is Cemil and his mother's name is Saliha.

Gül completed his primary education at Cumhuriyet Primary School. After having graduated from Nizip Religious Vocational High School, he completed his undergraduate education at the Faculty of Law of Ankara University. He worked as self-employed lawyer.

Gül has undertaken positions of different degrees at various nongovernmental organizations since the years of his high school education. Having also had different works in the publishing sector, Gül has published a number of articles and essays on political, contemporary and literary issues.

Gül was elected as the member of the Central Decision-Making and Administrative Board (MKYK) of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) at its 4th Regular Congress. He also served as the Deputy Chairman for Electoral Affairs and General Deputy Chairman in charge of Local Administrations.

Having been elected as Gaziantep Deputy under the 25th ve 26th terms, Abdulhamit Gül was elected again as MKYK member at the 5th Regular Congress held on 12 September 2015 as well as at the 2nd and 3rd Extraordinary Congresses of the Party and he was also commissioned as the Secretary General of AK Party.

Having been appointed as the Minister of Justice under the 65th Government on 19 July 2017, Abdulhamit Gül is married and has three children.


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