The functions of the Ministry of Justice is laid down in article 2 of the Law of 29.03.1984 No. 2992 on Organization and Functions of the Ministry of Justice.  Accordingly, the functions of the Ministry are as follows:

a) Establishing and organizing the courts provided for by the laws; planning, establishing any kind of judiciary institutions in every level such as penitentiary and correction institutions, execution and bankruptcy offices and supervising, inspecting and developing these institution with regard to their administrative duties,

b) Submitting suggestions to the High Council of Judges and Prosecutors on abolishing a court or changing the jurisdiction of a court,

c) Exercising the power entitled by the laws to the Minister of Justice concerning bringing a public case before a court and carrying out the required procedures,

d) Performing the functions entitled by the Laws on Legal Profession Act and Notary Act to the Ministry,

e) Carrying out the services related to keeping criminal records,

f) Performing the functions entitled by the Turkish Trade Law and Regulation of Turkish Trade Registry to the Ministry,

g) Carrying out the procedures related to foreign countries in matters on judicial services,

h) Conducting the required studies on judicial services and making legal adjustments and expressing opinions,

i) Evaluating whether the draft bills and decree laws drafted by the Ministries are compatible with Turkish legal system and legislation technique before they are sent to the Ministry,

j) Regulating the enforcement and corrections procedures according to the related legislation,

k) Carrying out execution and bankruptcy procedures through execution and bankruptcy offices,

l) Performing the other functions entitled by the laws.

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