Bilal UÇAR - Deputy Minister

Bilal UÇAR was born in 1969 in Denizli- Acıpayam.

He gradueted from İstanbul University Faculty of Law. Bilal UÇAR, a lawyer, during his years in İstanbul he worked in the field of press. After 1997, he was a self-employed lawyer in Denizli.

In 2001, he actively participated in the establishment of Ak Party. Until 2007, from the foundation of party, he served as Vice-Chairman of the Ak Party Denizli Provincial Administration. Between 2007-2011, he served as Ak Party Denizli Provincial Presidency. In the general elections that held in 2011, he was elected 24th Ak Party Denizli MP. He was assignment in 24th period, Member of The Justice Commission, Member of The Parliamentary Investigation Commission which established for the purpose of determining the measures related to determination and prevention of infringements on Freedom of Communication adn Right to Privacy and he was Founding

President of Turkey-Malta İnterparliamentary Friendship Group.

When he was serving as Vice President of Local Authorities in The Ak Party Headquerters, general elections held in 2015, he selected as Ak Party Denizli Deputy 25th period.

He is married and the father of three children.


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