Talip BAKIR - Deputy Undersecretary     

BAKIR was born on 3rd March 1973 in town of Gülşehri, in Sorgun district at province of Yozgat.

He completed his primary, secondary and high school in the district of Sorgun. He graduated from Faculty of Law in İstanbul University.

He started his carrier as a candidate judge in 1997. After his internship, he appointed as a judge to Ayvacık, Çanakkale in 1999. He served respectively as Public Prosecutor in Sivas -Germenek and Public Prosecutor in Samsun-Bafra. In 2007, he started to work as an inspection judge at General Directorate of Criminal Records and Statistics. In 2009 he was appointed as an inspection judge at Directorate General For Laws. He served respectively as inspection judge, head, vice general director.

Bakır is married with 2 children.

Units under His Responsibility

  • General Directorate of Criminal Records And Statistics, 
  • Department of Strategy Development,
  • Department of Technical Affairs,
  • Bureau of Construction and Real Estate under the Department of Supporting Service of Directorate General of Prisons And Detention Houses,
  • Coordination of Security and Disaster Affairs,
  • Coordination Committee of Emergency Action Plan,
  • Membership of the Executive Board to Increase Transparency and Strengthen the Anti-Corruption Action

Phone: 0 312 204 10 40



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